Aaaah I see. Every blogger I follow has a NSFW blog they own, well who am I talking, I even have one too!

Okay! We can share links if you want. I’m always interested in blogs…such as…these… <3

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Oh you have a NSFW blog?

Indeed! If anyone wants the link then I’ll gladly send it to them via ask box. I’ve got nothing to hide. It’s just that I’m not comfortable enough to the point that I want to share it with everyone yet.

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Accidentally reblogging something onto my nsfw blog on mobile because I forgot to change blogs

More like NO NO NO NO you didn’t see that it’s supposed to be more on the hidden side


me: i dont really see the point in anime figurines?? i mean what purpose do they even serve other than to just sit there and collect du-

*sees figure of fav character*

me: holy shit



A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

[From various sources.]


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